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Kamis, 13 Februari 2020

carnomaly will Change the Automotive Industry


Blockchain akan Mengubah Industri Otomotif

When it comes to cars and blockchain, no one has all the answers yet. But there is much to be prepared and thought about - not only in the automotive industry but also in related industries such as insurance.

First things first:

While we have found interesting examples of blockchain in action, most companies and industries remain in the initial stages of exploration and adoption. Anyone who tells you that they have understood everything is exaggerating the best. Even worse, they might peddle blockchain snake oil.

Leading companies throughout the world strive to stay on top of technological developments. The automotive industry is no different and lately they are testing blockchain technology.

Blockchain akan Mengubah Industri Otomotif

carnomaly introduces blockchain to cars

carnomaly praised themselves as the first company in the industry to offer the first crypto automotive rebate platform. Carnomaly will give people the ability to get crypto discounts to buy cars, new or used anywhere in the world. testing the implementation of the blockchain into their system. In February, they announced, on their official blog, that working together allowed 30,000+ franchises and private dealers the opportunity to be in front of these customers. For dealers, we will overcome the cost and inventory problems they currently have while helping them accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Blockchain akan Mengubah Industri Otomotif

carnomaly utilizes blockchain technology for a while

carnomaly announced the prototype for a digital car care book using blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to enable their customers to store all vehicle information in a digital car care book that is efficient, tampering with, and secure.

The current problem is that information about customers and their vehicles is spread across many systems such as those managed by car makers, insurance companies, repair shops etc. By using blockchain technology, it is possible to collect all information in one place that can be accessed by customers.

Blockchain akan Mengubah Industri Otomotif


SCOTT HENINGER: — Scott has spent 18 years in the retail automotive world. During that time, he has had the opportunity to work for several manufactures including Honda, Cadillac, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and Hyundai. Scott has been everything from a salesperson to a General Manager.


1ST QUARTER-4 2019
• Launch the rebate token platform
• Publish executive Summaries
• Complete utility Token submission with SEC
• Personal Sales Final
• IEO First Round
• Start a digital marketing campaign
QUARTER 2020 1
• Complete the 2nd round of IEO
• Start the development of AVB (Advanced Vehicle Blockchain)
• The water Token drop after IEO is completed
• Open consumer access to portal rebates to allow registration
• Improve the efforts of digital marketing campaigns
• Carnomaly Rebate starts
• Launch the beta version of the Carnomaly dealer site
• AVB launched
• Full version of the dealer site launch
• Start registering the dealer
• Advantages of the dealer's costs are put back into the token platform to re-buy tokens for refueling
Carnomaly will continue to grow and implement new ideas and solutions to online
Automotive Market

Information :

Author : kensyin
Ether wallet:- 0x08204147D36cE05456A3c99242cB3781b6B6875f

Kamis, 30 Januari 2020

Carnomaly automotive market.

Car sales  in different countries are expected to multiply up to 2 million units in the next five years. It is backed by a steady economic growth and an increase in per capita income from a population of nearly 5,000 US dollars, or approximately Rp. 47.5 million per year.

Have you ever seen how many vehicles are using around us now? I'm sure many humans would agree with me that there are quite a lot of them. In addition, in addition to vehicles in the car market, every year every car that appreciates oneself tries to show the world a new model of the automobile industry.

However, despite the flow of this new car, many people still face problems such as:
High interest rates;
Complicated purchase terms and no longer clear;
And the presence of many more payments when running your vehicle.
Of course, almost every 2nd driver in the world is facing such a problem, and this is no longer the news. In addition, all these inconveniences cause it not only moral, but also damage to fabrics, because it is foolish to deny the fact that if someone in a certain way avoids all these more payments hidden, he will no longer hesitate to avoid it. That is logical in principle.
Realizing this fact, the professional crew got here to the conclusion, why now not make the platform where customers from all over the world now cannot be solely away from all the above problems, but also collect new ones, High-tech, transparent and the most important tools that are safe to shop and operate cars?! This is how the first device in the world known as CARNOMALY was born.
About the project and its features.
As you have already understood, CARNOMALY is a trading platform in the automotive industry, which is developed on the basis of Blockchain technology. This fact represents a set of new opportunities for both car consumers and dealers themselves. After all, the main goal of the project is to eliminate unnecessary costs for overpaying commissions by the consumer during the purchase of their car, as well as directly connect all processes between dealers and buyers. Expanding not only the rights, but also the capabilities of each individual consumer or dealer of a huge automotive infrastructure.
At the same time, the following interesting features will be available within CARNOMALY:
Anonymous viewing of a particular vehicle. This function will allow you to get the real price of the car or the discount available for it within the available offer;
The ability to purchase both new and supported vehicles within CARNOMALY. With a reliable and proven history of existence;
As well as getting a nice discount on the purchase of any car, depending on the amount of system tokens you have on your account. That is, the more money you have, the higher the level of membership you have.
It is important to note that for dealers, CARNOMALY has also prepared a number of permits, which its use will allow them to find an exchange of inventory without barriers with greater automation. As well as minimizing all associated costs and transaction fees. That I think is also very true and convenient!
Thus, we can see that the developers of CARNOMALY intend to create a qualitative revolution in the automotive sector. Practise new high-tech and modern tools based on the cryptography and Blockchain technology.
As far as you all remember, the block structure of a decentralized system is capable of restoring order in many processes, fixing every type of data, examining for eternity. And this is almost the main task of our day. Because there are many people who like to cheat a centralized system with wishful. This will be excluded here at CARNOMALY.
This means that people and dealers will eventually be able to interact with each other in one transparent system, where everyone is responsible for their actions. In addition, the quality and reliability of transactions implemented will be monitored by smart contracts.
And as you might expect, if there is a smart contract in the project, then, consequently, the token with which the transaction will be performed is a derivative part of the Ethereum protocol. In addition, the token itself has a very simple, CARR name that is very modest and meets the ERC-20 standard. In total, In complete 530 million tokens will be issued for assignment improvement. Its main function is to provide discounts for new or supported car purchases for all CARR token owners.
As for the percentage and distribution of coins, it should look like this:
How does it all work?
In fact, the precept of the use of the CARNOMALY device is pretty simple. And all you want is to go to the important CARNOMALY internet site and go thru the registration process, and KYC. After that, you will be asked to go to the next section, the place you can buy CARR coins for similarly use. As quickly as the required quantity of tokens appears on your pockets balance, you can make surely any automobile buy accessible within the platform.
However, in the route of all these prescriptions, there is one small condition from the builders of CARNOMALY. The CARR tokens received on the wallet ought to be on your stability for at least one day in Carnomaly.io.
At the equal time, at the time of making a purchase, the platform itself will carefully test all the records about the ongoing operation and prepare all the essential files for this. Which I assume is now not solely convenient, but additionally as protected as possible. Let me remind you that all approaches inside CARNOMALY are transparent and decentralized.
Summing up, we would like to be aware the high degree of instruction of the assignment team both from the technical capabilities of CARNOMALY, and from the solution of existing automobile problems on the market. Combining the best, most handy and highly high quality tools in a single structure, where the benefits of using them will be tested with the aid of each users and sellers of this industry. What I think is extremely essential and appropriate in our time!
Therefore, pricey friends, if you are ardent motorists and have long been inclined to buy the desired car, seem to be at CARNOMALY, this platform is able to help you understand this dream. At what to do it as rapidly as possible, safely and economically.
And on this I suppose I will end my review. I hope this article used to be beneficial for you. If so, write your opinions in the comments. Also, do not overlook to subscribe to my channel and put likes.
Website: https://carnomaly.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/Carnomaly
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carnomaly
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carnomaly/
WHITEPAPER: https://carnomaly.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Carnomoly_Whitepaper_PROOF_12.18.19_v2.pdf
Bitcointalk ID Name: kensyin
Telegram: @kensyin
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=25753895
Ether wallet:- 0x08204147D36cE05456A3c99242cB3781b6B6875f

Jumat, 20 Desember 2019

Next Generation Blockchain - the ultimate choice in the freelance world

Fifty-seven million people work as freelancers this year. For some people, it's out of necessity, but for many others, it's a career choice. Government and business people must find better ways to support it.
According to the sixth annual "Freelancing in America" survey, released on October 3 by Freelancers Union (which has 450,000 members) and Upwork, a digital platform for freelancers and their employers, for every freelancer who sees their work situation as temporary, some among they are others who see it as a long-term career path.
Because more people choose to take off full time - 28% did it this year, compared to 17% who did it in 2014 - happy to see their share of the U.S. economy. Freelance now accounts for nearly 5% of the country's GDP, or close to $ 1 trillion. That is a bigger part than industries like construction and transportation. (Freelancers at Upwork account for around 0.1% of the total market, said company CEO, Stephane Kasriel.)
What is FreelaneX?
Freelanex offers a trustworthy and fun online workspace. Freelanex is a decentralized platform that provides a system environment on the Blockchain. This is a unique opportunity to approach negotiations using a decentralized system with smart contracts, through a user-friendly interface.
Freelanex introduces a clear and trustworthy transaction system and employee protection rights to protect workers from fraudulent and unprincipled practices - situations that benefit both parties.
A measure of economic freelance
Freelance Economy is the latest and by far the strongest transformation factor in the global employment landscape. Until a decade ago, 'casual workers' were identified as individuals who work between jobs or work in part-time capacities only.
The advent of technology and high-speed internet access is rapidly changing this perspective, with more and more professionals joining the freelancing train. Research shows more than 57 million Americans work as freelancers part-time or part-time. Likewise, the total number of freelancers in the European Union more than doubled between 2004 & 2014.
Despite its increasing popularity, the freelance economy is troubled by innate challenges. Freelanex proposes an autonomous economy that addresses critical problems such as lack of trust, high intermediary costs, operational challenges, and the lack of a strong dispute resolution system.
We aim to build an ecosystem that makes it easier to find legitimate freelance opportunities, reduce intermediary costs, resolve trust issues between freelancers and entrepreneurs, and equip freelancers with intuitive tools for efficiency and management.
Freelanex plans to use blockchain technology for its platform. It intends to utilize the key features of the blockchain technology including transparency, conservation, security, and efficiency.
The global loose industry is worth more than $ 3.7 trillion. In terms of popularity and adoption, Europe offers the largest percentage of freelancers (35.5%) followed by Asia (28%), Latin America (29.2%), and Africa 10.1%. The on-demand economy is transforming the global workforce, with more than 57 million casual workers in the US alone. Freelance demographics are currently dominated by young professionals, with 20% to 30% of the young workforce in the EU and US engaged in independent work.
As we said at the beginning, we lived in a time that was greatly influenced by the technological revolution and other digital influences. And in many cases, this new technology plays an important role in our lives. At this stage, we can already think about revolutionary ideas and how to apply them.
Through multidisciplinary studies, we found that there are defects in the independent economy and there is a demand to set safety standards, to build reliable business relationships between freelancers and clients. This is the reason behind our search for characteristics and standards of Blockchain technology to improve services and expand relationships between freelancers and their clients.
This is the reason behind our search for characteristics and standards of Blockchain technology to improve services and expand relationships between freelancers and their clients.
We think that Blockchain is the best tool we can use to create effective solutions to overcome problems faced by freelancers. This can be achieved by building an ecosystem based on the Blockchain to provide transparency and trust between customers and freelancers, our system is decentralized through the use of innovative technology solutions for new generations of new concepts.
In addition, smart contracts will provide opportunities to create new concepts and implement data through contracts that can be programmed intelligently (while transactions are not reliable between the two previous parties). The system will examine every action, including the review of smart contracts and the implementation of the skills assessment process by participants in the platform in mass that cannot be completed.
There is a good vision in battle. In addition, we aim to combat global unemployment and help motivate people - by providing free work to individuals. In this way, they will find their work in a flexible and smooth way and will be paid so that the whole economy will benefit from day today.
Especially, Freelanex offers a unique payment gateway and various incentives through the use of utility tokens and wallet platforms. This gives freelancers around the world easier access to payments, currency exchange, and protection of worker's rights.
Freelanex Mission:
We believe in empowering freelancers and giving them a trusted environment to connect with job opportunities anywhere, anywhere and anytime. We have recognized that the environment for freelancers and clients is very volatile at the moment, and we have a mission to build trust and pleasant workspace for everyone.
Freelanex Vision:
Freelanex connects millions of casual workers around the world with job opportunities through a real work environment created to promote collaboration, transparency and payment security. Freelanex utilizes the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the largest and most trusted online workspace environment for freelancers while allowing them to invest and get the same benefits through platform scalability.
We envision a future where freelancers around the world will have unlimited access to growth and trust while working online.
Why Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain can guarantee transactions made between freelancers and their clients using smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to combine contract conditions to make automatic decisions - according to blockchain and smart contract rules - for everyone on the network and transactions in the ledger.
World Problems Freelancers:
When we think of all kinds of work relationships, the first thing we remember is "trust". Trust is very important in our professional lives. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy environment isn't too common when we talk about the world of Freelancers.
In fact, several problems affect these professionals and their clients. Because there are no integrated guidelines through traditional platforms, what we found was a very dispersive environment - where sometimes it happens that freelancers are not paid from clients, at the end of their work; sometimes it happens that freelancers are very late in giving jobs, and clients can only cancel assignments (a waste of time and without having to complete the work needed).
There is no process to verify the data included on both sides to confirm its transparency or accuracy, agreements between the parties can be violated easily and the cost of paying for the use of traditional platforms is quite high.
Lack of trust, trust & transparency
There are no integrated guidelines
There is no process to verify the data included by both parties, to confirm its transparency or accuracy.
Amendment to the agreement between the two parties and the provisions of the Convention.
High transaction costs
High platform costs
There is no or minimal KYC procedure
Freelanex has been thought exactly to fix these problems. How can we do it? Thanks to the blockchain technology, that allows protecting both the freelancers and their clients.
Freelanex and Unemployment
The global economic crisis has exacerbated the unemployment rate among young people to the worst, with severe social consequences that many young people of the world are currently suffering from unemployment and lack of employment opportunities.
The solutions proposed to address them differ in turn from country to country The ILO points out that more than 73 million young men and women are unemployed & this number is still growing up. We have to do everything we can in order to offer some solutions.
We at Freelanex have the desire to help in fixing this problem, through the establishment of courses and laboratories and free online training in all disciplines available on the platform. This will provide a good source of income for many of those wishing to move to a better life. Other grants are free membership for one month for all trainees who pass these courses, to motivate them to work and use their skills in the Freelancers market.
Freelanex Platform:
As we have said, Freelanex is a decentralized platform that provides an environmental system on the Blockchain. Thanks to that, freelancers and their potential clients will easily connect - have the opportunity to work together in a trustworthy ecosystem - where all work relationships will be managed by our Smart Contract and will be guaranteed thanks to the use of blockchain technology.
All transactions between Freelancers and clients are irreversible, transparent and trustworthy. In addition, our system will be strong and resistant to all violations to protect Blockchain data storage. To provide security for users on the Blockchain there are standards and features, which will be automatically implemented by Blockchain - programming in smart contracts, to enable data validation in less than one second:
Payment guarantee
Rule of law
The Hyperledger authentication application will be used to maintain all events and records regarding Hyperledger, while the business logic class will be based on rules and special permission levels (together with Hyperledger itself).
All trusted independent people will be gathered and added to our white list, to ensure compliance with judicial organizations for both parties - by registering data on the Blockchain until trust and transparency are found.
The information and conditions written in this contract are impenetrable and cannot be changed by anyone: helplessness is one of the reasons we decided to use blockchain technology.
Our added value
After studying the reports and statistics related to the problems and risks faced by freelancers, Freelanex seeks to create a synchronized platform that is highly focused on freelancer support. This will be achieved by building a system which has the ability to reduce the percentage of problems and risks affecting the economy.
Freelanex aims to add value by:
Building the overall structure of common uuidelines in this field to verify data from both sides to ensure their transparency and accuracy.
Creating a decentralized system to complete transactions and receive payments from clients (for a fee of 8% — 10%).
Implementing transactions by using a smart contract, to ensure terms and conditions upheld in each contract.
Building a solid market for freelancers.
Reducing job search and display time.
Upholding strong and independent market development.
Ensuring a high level of technical readiness to serve and support users.
Securing audits of smart contracts by the development team.
Continuously improving the system for efficiency and flexibility.
Freelanex aims to eliminate the fraud problem highly capitulated in the freelance economy. It is expected that the future of freelancers will represent a global economy dominating the labor market in various fields, and so, Freelanex focuses on protecting people’s rights in order to isolate them from fraudulent and immoral practices.
Why Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain can guarantee transactions agreed between freelancers and their clients by using smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to merge contract conditions making decisions automatic — according to the rules of blockchain and smart contract — for each person in the network as well as transactions on the ledger.
Our system will be divided into two bases:
User Data
Blockchain can guarantee transactions agreed between freelancers and their clients by using smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to merge contract conditions making decisions automatic — according to the rules of blockchain and smart contract — for each person in the network as well as transactions on the ledger.
Blockchain will also change the efficiency and security of transactions within the environment of the platform. Blockchain provides confidence between two sides to complete transactions with increased flexibility and transparency. Each user has his or her unique identity, encrypted on the blockchain, which means that each client can send money to a freelancer and maintain security until the transaction (job) is officially completed.
This security class makes the transaction management faster and provides security by maintaining a financial record, whether the two sides are in the same country or not.
How Does Smart Contract Work?
There is a proven and strong incentive for taking control of existing central services and finding alternatives in a world that are moving faster and faster. The implementation of the main tool in this area of decentralization, the smart contract, significantly enhances and protects user data in a transactional sense and also makes way for seamless connectivity.
Freelanex is here to offer a new solution to the mutual exchange movement, which will be enhanced by smart contracts, ensuring customer security and effective access. Freelanex is here to offer a new solution to the mutual exchange movement, which will be enhanced by smart contracts, ensuring customer security and effective access.
Smart contracts are defined as self-executing contracts written in solidified encryption code. According to the Ethereum protocol, this code is used to complete and accelerate mechanical aspects of various systems to create a smart contract. This is done to explain data instructions entered essentially and, as a result of these inputs, protects the rights of all parties involved in the system.
As contract terms are automatically executed upon transaction completion, payments are also automatically released when the system verifies that all data points have been justified, as per the entered smart contract. The Freelanex smart contract will be stored in a decentralized blockchain and is legally binding to all parties. Due to the distribution warehouse protocol, each process within the network will be recorded in a transparent, publicly verifiable manner, with full counterfeit protection.
Smart Contract Guarantees
How will the smart contract protect both the buyer (employer) and the seller (freelancer)? The smart contract includes and guarantees the following interactions between counterparties:
Guarantee of contract.
The buyer starts buying through a smart contract.
Freelanex to protect the funds required in the buyer’s account.
The seller will deliver the product.
Within a limited period of time, the buyer shall examine the product and accept or make a decision in terms of the transaction.
After transaction approval, funds are transferred to the appropriate accounts
FLXC Token Allocation:
The total token supply for FLXC will be 10 billion. A total of 5,000,000,000 tokens shall be offered in the upcoming sale. FLXC will be listed on one of the major exchanges before IEO following its initial token sale and will become available to the public for exchange and trading. Any unsold tokens shall be retained by Freelanex and allocated to Reserves to platform development and growth of the Freelanex ecosystem, its community, and partners.
Allocation of Funds:
The entire amount raised through the ICO will solely be dedicated to the development of the Freelanex platform.
Token Sale Parameters:
SHIVA DWIVEDI: chief technology officer
DAVORIN DUCK: Communication and Community Manager
FARAH ABBAS: Chief Business Analyst
NAVIIN CHAPTER: Strategic ICO Advisor
SYDNEY IFERGAN: Marketing Adviser
IGOR KARAVAEV: Financial advisor
ERIKA ROSE STONE: Business Development Advisor
For more information :

Rabu, 18 Desember 2019

NETBOX BROWSER - будущий браузер, со всеми в одной функции.

Война браузеров - это борьба за доминирующее положение в использовании веб-браузеров. «Первая война браузеров» в конце 1990-х годов натолкнула Microsoft Internet Explorer на Netscape's Navigator. Войны браузеров продолжались с уменьшением доли рынка Internet Explorer и популярности других браузеров, включая Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari и Opera.
началось война браузеров нового поколения, на этот раз добавив в World Wide Web обширный сценарий на стороне клиента, а также более широкое использование смартфонов и других мобильных устройств для работы в Интернете. Эти новички позаботились о том, чтобы браузерные сражения продолжались среди энтузиастов, в то время как средний веб-пользователь менее подвержен влиянию.
Правильный веб-браузер может иметь огромное значение для вашего повседневного просмотра - будь то ваш приоритет - более высокая производительность, лучшая безопасность или большая гибкость благодаря загружаемым расширениям.
Будущий браузер со всеми удивительными функциями. Первый децентрализованный веб-браузер с поддержкой блокчейна. Перспективы использования технологии блокчейн в браузерах.
Блокчейн - это технология будущего, которая очень быстро развивается из года в год. и браузер netbox - будущий ответ для всех. Все знают, что в жизни почти все просматривают, используя Crohm, Firefox или другие традиционные браузеры. Возможно, в будущем все браузеры будут указывать на блокчейн.
Но вы должны знать, что браузер netbox не является простым браузером. Но это очень полный браузер и охватывает все необходимые аспекты. Какими функциями обладает браузер netbox?


В отличие от обычных веб-браузеров, Netbox. Браузер предоставляет своим пользователям уникальную функцию: он вознаграждает их за время, потраченное на просмотр. Будь активным и получай вознаграждение.
За нашим веб-браузером не стоит большая корпорация. Там нет скрытых отчетов, отправленных на сервер. Есть люди, сообщество, которое решает, какой путь развивать Netbox.Browser.


Каждый работающий Netbox.Browser является узлом блокчейна. Браузер имеет встроенный кошелек, который делает транзакции блокчейна легко доступными и понятными.

Мультивалютный крипто-кошелек

Netbox. Браузер имеет встроенный Netbox. Кошелек мультивалютный крипто-кошелек. С помощью крипто-кошелька можно хранить и проводить транзакции как во внутреннем Netbox. Монетная криптовалюта и другие популярные криптовалюты (Биткойн, Эфириум). Netbox. Кошелек также позволяет пользователю иметь учетные записи в бумажных валютах, таких как доллары США и евро. Для всех криптовалют, поддерживаемых Netbox.Wallet, криптографические ключи и адреса генерируются в соответствующей сети цепочки блоков.


С информационной точки зрения современный Интернет - это очень небезопасная среда. В этой среде существует большое количество свободно распространяемого низкокачественного контента, который вводит пользователей в заблуждение или который опасен или неприятен для них. Например, Fake News в последнее время стали неприятной тенденцией, и их создатели используют свое привилегированное положение для достижения своих политических или коммерческих целей. Однако установление централизованной цензуры в Интернете противоречило бы принципам свободы информации.
Особенности #Masternodes.
обеспечить постоянный доход своим владельцам;
обеспечить конфиденциальность транзакций путем смешивания монет на мастер-узлах;
децентрализованное голосование через механизм Netbox.Vote;
должен быть всегда онлайн, иметь статический IP-адрес и фиксированный порт;
Netbox.Coins, выделенные для включения мастер-узла, не сохраняются в мастер-узле; Таким образом, в случае успешной атаки на сервер, где расположен мастер-узел, 10000 Netbox. Монета, выделенная пользователем для его создания, останется в безопасности.
Подробнее о нетбоксе:

Адрес кошелька NBX: NWJRhM6JNQmLqsgJEGbo4XvhUsEcx5ah1h